I invite you to walk into a room where the conversation is everything to support you to make MILLIONS. 

this is not just another masterclass on "how i made millions" 
this is           million dollar era.


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becoming a women of wealth


a million dollar brand


million dollar sales


This is not a “how I made MILLIONS” Masterclass because that is getting boring and overplayed.

This is how YOU walk into YOUR MILLION DOLLAR ERA.

Day One- Becoming a Woman of Wealth
Day Two- A Million Dollar Brand
Day Three- Million Dollar Sales

From a mentor who has supported her clients to create $30+Million in sales.

what is inside the masterclass?

becoming a women of wealth

1,  Identity & Integrity:
 Unveiling the mindset and values vital for wealth creation.

2. Financial Fluency & Consistency:
Mastering financial literacy and sustaining productive habits.

3. Embodied Success Philosophy:
The 'be, do, have' philosophy, fostering genuine belief in your success journey rather than mere imitation.

4. Holistic Influence on Success:
Understanding how attire, conversations, habits, aspirations, and more influence the journey towards achieving success.

5. Embracing Beauty in Life:
Inviting beauty into daily experiences for enhanced fulfillment and success.

a million dollar brand

1. Defining Your Brand Essence:
Clarifying what your brand represents, its audience, and its approach.

2. Building a Robust Team:
 Establishing a competent team to support and elevate your brand's vision.

3. Articulating Your Value Proposition:
 Understanding and effectively communicating the unique value your brand offers.

4. Setting Your Differentiators:
Identifying unique selling points to create a distinctive brand identity.

5. Ensuring Brand Consistency:
Reflecting your brand's essence and values across every facet.

6. Transitioning from Scrappy to Strategic:
Moving away from makeshift branding toward professional strategies for sustainable growth.

million dollar sales

1, Strategic Sales Mindset:
No negotiation approach
Value recognition principle
Mutual respect in transactions
Targeting the right audience

2. Confidence and Influence:
Belief in yourself and your offers
Maintaining conversational power
Addressing buyer hesitations skillfully
Encouraging independence in sales decisions

3. Mindset for Success:
Embracing a robust money mindset for sales achievements.

Led by industry leader and sought after mentor Jen Szpigiel, you reap the benefits of her eighteen years of iconic experience growing babies and businesses. Jen has scaled multiple personal companies to multi seven figures as a mom of four. Her unparalleled wisdom and expertise sets her mentorship, the Becoming Iconic agency, podcast and magazine apart. Jen has been named a top life and business coach for several years in a row because of the incredible results she provides to each and every client, matched with her depth, strategy and integrity. Jen has successfully supported countless entrepreneurs globally to build profitable and reputable businesses while ensuring that they are fulfilled within themselves, their lives and relationships. 

meet your 

where strategy
meets energetics

MILLIONS in sales are many lives transformed.

MILLIONS in sales are many families living extraordinary lives.

MILLIONS in sales are clients with results and a business impacting the world.

words from the attendees

take it from them


A woman of wealth integrity doesn’t need to prove a thing to you to feel validated.

Her presence speaks for itself.
Her posture has a sound.
Her wisdom whispers riches.

A woman of wealth integrity isn’t telling you what she made last month. She is instead offering you the leadership to do it for yourself.

A woman of wealth integrity doesn’t need to embellish or exaggerate because she knows her worth is not based on the pedestal you have placed her on.

We were born ready for this moment. 

 this is your million dollar era. this is your million dollar era. this is your million dollar era. this is your million dollar era.

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