As an entrepreneur, we are multi faceted and multi passionate. The whole reason we begin our journey, is to live an extraordinary life. To soak up each day with the freedoms to experience as much as we can.

Welcome to a place that fully supports you in actualizing that.

This is a place for entrepreneurs to receive the answers to all their desires in life and business so that they create ultimate fulfillment 

becoming iconic magazine

These are beautifully curated pages where you sink into thought leadership along side of trends, style and the best places to visit. It’s an entrepreneur’s haven for monthly inspiration, reflection, resources and expansion. This is truly legendary and I am really so delighted you are here with me to realize this!

Think of this as Forbes meets Vogue

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Becoming Iconic Past Editions

Becoming Iconic Past Editions

What if your life and business were able to compliment each other vs compete and it was about building fulfillment every day?

Do you want to live more intentionally and have access to the brands and resources that top business moguls? have?

This is a place for entrepreneurs to receive the answers to all their desires in life and business so that they create ultimate fulfillment

What would it be like to have access to world class resources, brands and business advice all in one place?

Forbes Meets Vogue

a must read

"Finally! A Magazine That Is Actually Worth Reading."

“Finally something I can count on as a resource for entrepreneurship! I love how generous it is. You cover everything! My morning coffee will never be the same now that I have this to look at. Thanks Jen for following your dream.”

Whit Radacina

"An Iconic Resource To Have At Your Finger Tips."

“I have never seen such an incredible resource for my business and life in one place! I can’t wait to have them placed in my office for continued inspiration. It’s just so beautifully done Jen!”

Naz Grimley

"If You're Not Subscribed Yet, I Can Only Ask, "What Are You Waiting For!"

The Becoming Iconic Magazine is the charge of inspiration I need every month as an entrepreneur. As is true for Jen herself, the content is devoted to delivering uplifting messages, business best practices, and honest breakdowns on brands, products and destinations. If you’re not subscribed I can only ask, ‘what are you waiting for?’

Bethany Mccamish

What Others Are Saying...

"This Magazine Is The Epitome Of Her Incredible Work And Energy In One Stunning Place."

Jen is an exceptional woman and leader in life and business. She truly knows how to bring out the best in someone, whether it’s through a beautiful aesthetic, authentic messaging or building a brand and community.

Everything she does has a feeling attached to it, a sensation that asks you to look a little deeper and ask for more from your own life.

This magazine is the epitome of all her incredible work and energy in one stunning space.

kelli moore

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