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This is the place and team to create a brand that stands apart so you are seen, heard and felt. 

Welcome to Becoming Iconic’s Boutique Agency, your gateway to standing out and creating your iconic mark within your industry. 

As an avant-garde boutique agency, we are able to support companies and brands just like yours with a full spectrum approach to your every business and brand desire. 

Our world class team of experts have successfully supported and worked with top brands from all around the world. They become deeply committed to your vision and legacy while orchestrating; branding, marketing, website design, business operations, podcast management, as well as media management so that you will be seen, heard and felt globally. 

We are a groundbreaking force of innovation that challenges the norm and strives to be different. We're here to redefine the perceptions of a world-class experience, blending audacious creativity with strategic prowess that don't just satisfy but astound you. 

With Becoming Iconic’s Agency, you will receive exceptional do it for you services and will also be initiated into a movement of forward-thinking visionaries who dare to lead with audacity, innovation and artistry.

~ Jen, Founder and CEO of Becoming Iconic

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creating iconic experiences for everyone


Working with Becoming Iconic on my podcast has been a game-changer. Their team doesn't just manage; they elevate. It's an iconic experience that amplifies your voice and your brand. Highly recommended for anyone serious about taking their podcast to the next level.

Sarah, podcast client

Working with The Agency on our branding was a game-changer. They totally got our vibe and turned it into something visually awesome. Super professional, but also super chill. If you're looking to give your brand a fresh spin, I'd say give The Agency a shout!

Megan, branding client

brooke, automation client

I had an unparalleled experience working with The Agency. Their profound expertise was evident from the get-go. Throughout our collaboration, their communication was consistently impeccable, ensuring a smooth and informed journey. They didn't merely simplify the process; they elevated every aspect of it, resulting in a website that has perfect and refined aesthetics.

If you need a systems set up, becoming iconic agency is for you. Everything that was done in this VIP day has exceed my expectations. They are soooo easy to work with and this has been one of my best and most strategic investments in my business to date.

Karyl, web design client

Since partnering with Becoming Iconic's Boutique Agency, our social media has transformed from ordinary to truly iconic. Their blend of creativity and strategy boosted our engagement and authentically resonated with our audience. For genuine social media magic, look no further.

lori, social media client

The agency has been such a powerhouse in our business! They have been helping us prep and execute launches, organize and automate everything, set up our CRM and create SOP's that I've been meaning to do for years. We've never been able to accomplish so much in our business. Thank you so much!

caitlin, obm client

Custom branding is an art of curating and perfecting your business's visual narrative, resulting in an aligned, engaging, and cohesive embodiment of your company's ethos and aspirations. We channel our proficiency in design and our nuanced understanding of the marketplace to craft a brand persona that not only stands apart but also fosters a meaningful connection with your discerning audience. The result is a sublime visual representation that not only captivates but also communicates the very essence of your brand, setting you apart in the crowd.

BRANding services


Two Weeks
  • Onboarding call with Brand Manager
  • Brand colors, logo, secondary logos, fonts and mood board
  • Brand board and strategic direction
  • 20 social media templates to use moving forward


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In early 2023, Becoming Iconic underwent a transformative rebranding, a metamorphosis driven by our call to uplevel and resonate even more deeply with our vision. Our previous branding, while cherished, no longer encapsulated the expansive growth and evolution we were experiencing. This rebrand was not just a change; it was a rebirth, a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence and our pursuit of iconicity. Our new branding is a true representation of who we've become - bolder, more refined, and unequivocally aligned with our mission. It's a testament to our journey, our growth, and our promise to always rise to the highest version of ourselves.

As your dedicated web design connoisseurs, we take on the privileged task of crafting your digital masterpiece. Our commitment is to infuse your website with an aesthetic allure, fluid functionality, and an unparalleled user experience. The site we envision for you is not merely a digital platform; it is a rich, interactive tapestry that not only captivates the eye but also offers an intuitive and sophisticated user journey. Your audience will be engaged on all levels, navigating through your online presence with absolute ease and undeniable delight.

  • 4 podcast episodes monthly
  • Upload and edit raw files
  • Show notes
  • Upload edited podcast across all platforms
  • Story graphics + video gram/reel
  • Email sent to guests with graphics and links to encourage promotion
  • Monthly analytics sent to track progress
  • Quarterly mini mind with Jen and all hosts to collaborate, guest share and receive strategic direction

web design services

podcast MANAGEMENT and Production Services

The art of podcasting isn't something mastered in a day - it demands commitment, expertise, and the right kind of flair, which is precisely where our role comes into play. From providing bespoke launch support to expertly guiding you in selecting the ideal equipment, refining each episode through meticulous editing, and crafting stunning graphics week after week, we take care of all these intricate details. This way, you can liberate your valuable time to operate where you truly excel - within your realm of genius.


2 Days - 2 Weeks
  • Showit Site 5 page
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Booking System Integration
  • Domain Transfer/Connection
  • Takeaway PDF guide 
  • Template of your choice

*Custom Web Design and SEO also Available


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In early 2023, we had the distinct honor of launching the Susan Padron Podcast, a beacon of authenticity and transformative healing. Crafted from scratch, this podcast is a soulful journey into the depths of self-discovery and unlearning. Susan Padron, with her profound insights, guides listeners towards embracing their true selves, aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions with their core values, beliefs, and desires. Dive into this auditory experience and embark on a path of genuine self-expression and enlightenment.





May 2023




  • 3 platforms
  • 3 days a week
  • 3 story scapes to build upon posts
  • Monthly analytics provided
  • Monthly content calendar
  • Copywriting can be added for an additional fee

social media  SERVICES

In the digital era, a strong and strategic social strategy and presence is indispensable for businesses seeking to thrive and connect with their target audience. Our elite social media marketing and management team are dedicated to driving your brand’s online success. From crafting captivating content to implementing data-driven strategies, let our team revolutionize your social media game.


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We're elated to spotlight our collaboration with the remarkable Jenni Utz. As our esteemed social media client, Jenni's digital presence experienced a meteoric rise in just the first month of our partnership. Together, we're crafting a social media narrative that resonates, engages, and truly stands iconic.



marketing consultation services

In the ever-evolving world of brand marketing, every element, every strategy, and every touchpoint holds significance. Our Marketing Consultation Services are your compass, guiding you through the vast landscape of marketing possibilities. Delve into a holistic exploration, from formulating a precise marketing plan to strategizing for email marketing, social media, and impactful launch plans.

With meticulous attention and vast expertise, we ensure that each marketing asset of your brand - your podcast, email campaigns, social media channels, and exclusive offers - seamlessly complements and elevates the others. It's about creating a cohesive narrative that resonates deeply with your audience.

As you continue to build a legendary brand, sometimes a touch of expert guidance is all you need to solidify your path. This consultation is an abundant opportunity to harness the power of your efforts, transforming them into a beacon of growth and prosperity. Step into this transformative experience, and let's chart a course towards unparalleled marketing success.

full day inclusions

  • 90 minute strategy call 
  • Up to 5 on-brand workflow (canned) emails 
  • 1 custom workflow 
  • Connections of all platforms needed 
  • (No set up of platforms, connection only) 

full day automations

Indulge in an exceptional experience with our comprehensive CRM set up, thoughtfully designed to cater to your every desire and requirement. Step into a realm of unmatched personalized attention, where we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspect of your business is meticulously curated to surpass all expectations. Discover the unparalleled convenience of auto invoicing, bespoke contracts and proposals that are expertly crafted to align perfectly with your business vision. It’s a transformational journey that elevates your client experience. Your extraordinary VIP adventure awaits. 

half day inclusions

  • 90 minute workflow mapping strategy call 
  • Completed CRM turnkey 
  • Up to 25 on-brand workflow (canned) emails 
  • Basics set up (scheduler, payment processor integration, conferencing integration & more) 
  • Client portal customization 
  • Creation of up to 5 branded forms
  • Creation of up to 3 workflows 
  • 1 round of revisions/feedback on both forms and systems 
  • Loom video trainings and 30 min 1:1 training 
  • 30 day post voxer support

half day automations

Our tech launch support is meticulously crafted to assure a seamless debut that optimizes your product or service’s potential. We weave a sophisticated marketing narrative designed to ignite interest and generate an irresistible buzz around your launch. This is elegantly paired with a cutting-edge technology framework and superior support systems, setting the stage to mesmerize and captivate your potential clientele. Your launch, under our expert guidance, is not just a debut - it is a grand entrance that leaves an indelible mark.

business systems + operations

view case study

Our collaboration with the dynamic Brooke marked a transformative chapter in her business journey. We delved deep into streamlining her operations, transitioning from manual processes to an integrated CRM software solution. Gone are the days of repetitive email typing; with the introduction of canned emails, Brooke's communication became swift and efficient. Manual appointment bookings evolved into an automated, seamless system. The result? An exponentially elevated client experience that's not only efficient but exudes the iconic standard of excellence Brooke stands for.

  • Strategic partnership to build / provide business operations
  • Build client experiences
  • Launch support and build
  • Invoicing, contract and proposal management
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing management
  • Will provide recommendations and run backend of business
  • Project management

online business manager

Collaborate with our experienced in-house Online Business Managers (OBM) who bring a wealth of expertise from managing multi 6 & 7 figure businesses. They are specialized in strategy, planning, and systems designed to streamline your operations for utmost efficiency and effectiveness, facilitating the realization of your business vision. With us, you're not alone in decision-making anymore. You'll have a seasoned strategist by your side and a dedicated team ready to bolster your business success.


  • Bio and Pitch Deck Curated For You
  • 20 Intentional Pitches To Podcast Hosts Monthly

*Additional PR Outreach Available Upon Request 

pitching and visibility

In today’s competitive business landscape, securing opportunities and standing out from the crowd is crucial for sustainable success. With our team’s exceptional pitching prowess and unparalleled expertise in elevating brands’ visibility, we are your ultimate partner in conquering new heights. Discover why entrusting us with your pitching and visibility needs will be a game-changing decision for your business.


our iconic clients

izabella gorre

creative direction client

jenn pike

brand build + refresh client

jenni utz

brand build + refresh client

common questions

do I have to be a mentorship client to work with your agency?

The short answer? No. Being a mentorship client is not a prerequisite to unlocking the suite of boutique services we offer at Becoming Iconic. Our agency is meticulously designed to provide full-spectrum solutions tailored to your individual needs. However, should you seek to truly catapult your brand into the realm of the extraordinary, we highly recommend complementing our services with mentorship. This offers an unparalleled blend of strategic expertise and audacious creativity, creating an iconic experience designed to elevate your brand to incomparable heights.

I have a podcast, how is your agency able to support both the show and socials?

Certainly, your podcast and socials are in expert hands with Becoming Iconic's Boutique Agency. Our world-class podcast management services elegantly cover the entire auditory spectrum, offering four podcasts of up to 60 minutes each month. From uploading and meticulously editing your raw files to crafting compelling show notes, we ensure your content resonates deeply with your audience. But we don't stop at audio—our service extends into the visual realm, where we design eye-catching story graphics and dynamic video grams or reels. With this holistic approach, your podcast won't merely exist; it will thrive, captivate, and become iconic across all platforms.

Which type of clients receive a dedicated retainer to our agency, designed to support them as they scale and grow their business?

As an esteemed member of our private or mastermind clientele, you're granted an exclusive retainer with our agency, ensuring tailored support and strategic guidance as you elevate and expand your business.

who do I reach out to for more information?

For those seeking to delve deeper into the limitless possibilities that Becoming Iconic's Boutique Agency offers, we invite you to complete the application form located below. Alternatively, you may directly commune with our dedicated concierge team by emailing concierge@becomingiconic.co. Here, your first steps toward iconicity are not merely transactions but treasured interactions that initiate your journey toward making an unparalleled mark in your industry.

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