A bespoke experience for life, business and leadership growth through world class mentorship, boutique agency, top rated podcast and renown magazine for entrepreneurs globally.


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Welcome to Becoming Iconic, a global award winning and recognized brand supporting entrepreneurs within their life and business. It is built upon excellence and nearly two decades of experience that has created astounding results and over $28 Million in sales all over the world.

The unparalleled expertise and wisdom for marketing, branding, sales and leadership is what has given Jen Szpigiel the Founder and CEO as well as the entirety of the company its impeccable reputation. This is a place where your business comes home to have a full spectrum approach through Mentorship, a Full Service Boutique Agency as well as the Magazine and Podcast.

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Have you ever felt the presence of a woman who is so deeply connected to her own personal power that it helped you envision what was possible for yourself? Jen is that woman and she provides the evidence for entrepreneurs to realize that they are created to have it all. With nearly two decades of growing multiple 7+ figure businesses globally alongside of being a Mom of four, she has truly embodied how to be a fulfilled and successful woman.

Jen’s mentorship combined with her avant-garde agency as well as her renown magazine and podcast help entrepreneurs grow profitable and aligned businesses that are rooted in integrity, purpose and legacy. The secret ingredients to everything Jen does is her ability to blend expertise and wisdom with compassion and transparency.

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A transformative Mastermind experience with a like-minded community, advisory board of directors and mentorship to generate the business infrastructure and leadership to scale to seven figures and beyond. Gain the skills and knowledge on finance, visibility, operations, branding + marketing, legal and personal growth to lead your million dollar business.

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A top rated and downloaded podcast in both the life and business categories for over three years. This is for the visionaries, the elevated entrepreneurs and the women who desire to shift the paradigm for their business, relationships and homes as legendary leaders. 

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Iconic Accolades: Voices of Gratitude

Working with Becoming Iconic on my podcast has been a game-changer. Their team doesn't just manage; they elevate. It's an iconic experience that amplifies your voice and your brand. Highly recommended for anyone serious about taking their podcast to the next level.

Sarah, agency Client

Becoming Iconic Magazine is my monthly dose of inspiration. Merging thought leadership with the latest trends, it's the perfect blend. Every page feels like an invitation to live more passionately, more purposefully. Dive into it once, and it'll swiftly become your go-to resource for everything iconic.

Sheri, Magazine Reader

I've been hooked on the Becoming Iconic Podcast lately. Each episode offers genuine insights and real talk about business and life. It's refreshing to hear conversations that dig deeper and offer both challenges and guidance. For anyone navigating the world of entrepreneurship or just looking for some solid life advice, give this podcast a listen.

tiffany, podcast listener

I have grown with the help from you but it was just opening my eyes enough to see myself as a powerful coach. I have also grown taking that leap and believing in myself. I have become the woman and coach that I always knew was in there. It's like I bloomed and I love my life!

amy, mentorship client

I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful our session was today. Months and years of convoluted vision for what I'm here to bring distilled into a beautiful and compelling and resonant concept that feels...so right.
I'm so in love with this expression of my vision!

Michelle, mentorship client

Working with The Agency on our branding was a game-changer. They totally got our vibe and turned it into something visually awesome. Super professional, but also super chill. If you're looking to give your brand a fresh spin, I'd say give The Agency a shout!

Megan, agency client