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Since I was a little girl, I knew one of my greatest missions would be to support others in creating ultimate fulfillment, joy and confidence within their lives. After building businesses globally with thousands over the last sixteen years, I have the ingredients and expertise to offer someone mentorship that elevates and supports in all pillars of their life.

Becoming Iconic is a shared philosophy to each and every person who decides to wake up every morning and pursue the greatest version of themselves. Whether you are an entrepreneur, full time parent or an executive, you will be hungry to discover your fullest capacity and potential. It’s an all-in approach to life and business that can be seen, heard and felt.

Becoming Iconic

Working with Jen is an experience unlike any other. Her impeccable reputation to hold a sacred space matched with her proven strategies, creates momentum in every area of your life and business. You can’t help but to step into your personal power and become all you can be.
The process involves unlearning just as much as confidence boosting through action. It’s understanding your core pillars within your life so that you can fully own who you are, create momentum in your business, and ultimately, get the results you desire to see. It’s a perfect combination of loving compassion and getting straight to the point. There is no fluff because of the unparalleled expertise, wisdom and results of over sixteen years of success. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, there’s a pathway for you. Jen is the mentor who can hold you whether you are new or creating millions. There is no other mentor like this.

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Becoming Iconic in life and business.


the podcast

This is a space for entrepreneurs who desire to create legacy through legendary leadership, lifestyle and business. The podcast is for the visionaries, the elevated leaders, the ones who want to break the mold and shift the narrative within their business, relationships and lives.

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“I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful our session was today. Months and years of convoluted vision for what I'm here to bring distilled into a beautiful and compelling and resonant concept that feels...so right.
I'm so in love with this expression of my vision!"

Michelle - Legacy Mentor


Meet your new business mentor, Jen.

The world desires and is asking for more of your presence and impact.

The questions is, are you prepared to have the audacity to step fully into your gifts and personal power to be seen, heard and felt?

Create your legacy, stand in integral leadership and soak in pleasure.

All while creating harmony in every aspect of your life for ultimate fulfillment.

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