step into the posture of a ceo by developing the skills, insight and confidence for your life and business through the expertise of becoming iconic’s founder, executive team and agency.

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1. Powerful Strategies for
 Business Growth:

Gain access to proven strategies and insights from industry experts with your Becoming Iconic advisory panel, designed to help you scale your business to multi six figures and beyond. Learn the techniques, tools, strategies and mindset shifts that successful entrepreneurs have utilized to achieve exceptional results. 

2. Creating Harmony between
Life and Business:

Discover the secrets to harmonizing your personal and professional life, allowing you to excel in all areas without sacrificing one for the other. Integrate effective time management techniques, delegation strategies, and work-life practices that will transform the way you approach your day-to-day activities. Mompreneurship is unique and requires a level of understanding and experience.

3. Building a Thriving Team:

We believe that true success is not just about financial achievements but also about experiencing ease, happiness, and joy in every aspect of your life. We are committed to building financial literacy and wealth creation that supports all you desire. Through our unique blend of mindset coaching and personal development strategies, you'll cultivate the inner strength and resilience needed to create an iconic lifestyle that brings you genuine fulfillment. 

what's inside the mastermind

4. Embracing Ease, Happiness, and Joy:

If you're a solopreneur ready to expand and/or build a team, we've got you covered. We are bringing the team to you. This one investment gives you mentorship, strategic direction from an advisory board as well as DFY agency services. The team is here to provide a full spectrum life and business experience. 

You no longer have to worry about where or how to invest your money. You will gain time and energy by bringing your brand home to this one place. Alleviate distraction, comparing, shopping and constant turnover that takes you away from your genius. You no longer have to pick and choose whether it is time to hire a mentor or hire a team. It is all in one room for you. This one investment gives you the full spectrum of experts, DFY services along with Jen’s impeccable mentorship.

5. A Full 360 Approach to Your Business:


add quarterly strategy sessions with Jen throughout the year. Each session will be a 90 minute call with a week of private voxer to ensure you are getting the fullest experience possible.

Define and design your own iconic lifestyle — one that aligns with your values, passions, and aspirations. Tap into your unique talents, explore your purpose and contribution, and create a roadmap that will guide you towards living your best life and leaving a lasting legacy. 

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Led by industry leader and sought after mentor Jen Szpigiel, you reap the benefits of her eighteen years of iconic experience growing babies and businesses. Jen has scaled multiple personal companies to multi seven figures as a mom of four. Her unparalleled wisdom and expertise sets her mentorship, the Becoming Iconic agency, podcast and magazine apart. Jen has been named a top life and business coach for several years in a row because of the incredible results she provides to each and every client, matched with her depth, strategy and integrity. Jen has successfully supported countless entrepreneurs globally to build profitable and reputable businesses while ensuring that they are fulfilled within themselves, their lives and relationships. 

meet your 

You can expect


live mastermind calls monthly

Access to Jen’s executive team as your advisory board of directors

private coaching calls

$3,000 agency retainer for DFY services 

It's time to harness your true power and shape a future where success knows no bounds.

What's included

become published in a magazine 

Are you a driven and ambitious entrepreneur who dreams of achieving wealth, prosperity and growth in your business while maintaining harmony in your life? 

Do you want to create a thriving career while nurturing a loving family? 

Are you seeking fulfillment, joy, and ease as you build an iconic lifestyle that reflects your true aspirations?


Who the seats are reserved for:

Welcome to Mastery, a transformative journey designed exclusively for entrepreneurs like you — high-achievers who are ready to change the trajectory of their lives and businesses. 

Join Mastery and embark on a transformative journey alongside a group of like-minded leaders who share your ambition and vision. Together, we will shatter limitations, break through barriers, and unlock your full potential. It's time to step into your power, achieve exceptional results, and create an iconic life and business you truly deserve.

 Secure your spot today and be part of a movement that is changing the lives of extraordinary entrepreneurs globally.

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Iconic Accolades: Voices of Gratitude


I'm so grateful for all that you've given me because where I am now, how I think and the way that I see the world and in my business has been shaped significantly over the last 12 months .The impact my clients will receive this weekend is going to be partly because of what you've given me. I am spreading your ripple of impact and love and energy across the globe all the way to Australia.

I'm so glad I said this yes. I don't have the words, and I don't think I even know the impact this will have on my life yet. I do believe this was a Devine intervention and that I was guided to be here. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me, always.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the experience that you so impeccably cultivated. It has been an honour and privilege to share space with you and the amazing women in this mastermind.

After being around your energy and your high standards, I've already shifted the way I think and operate and sold a 12 month 1:1 mentee for 18K AUD yesterday which is 10K more than anything I've sold before.

I’m in awe of how you have grown such a smart and intelligent brand. You are so forward thinking! You have built a business that will stand.

I wish I had thought of this! It’s seriously the best idea I have EVER seen in the industry.

common questions

How long is the mastermind?

It is a year long transformation. After countless masterminds the number one piece of feedback was that six months was just enough time to settle in and start building relationships and then it was interrupted. Everyone wanted more time. 

Are the calls live?

Of course! It’s a mastermind. I realize many call their group coaching programs masterminds but you won’t find that here. This is about conversation, idea sharing and big shifts that happen when we are together weekly. 

Who is on the Becoming Iconic advisory board?

Jen leads and hosts the entire experience with her unparalleled mentorship and guidance. She decided to involve her entire board room table that works with her to support you too. Without you having to pay to hire these roles yourself. You will have access to her CFO, COO, Creative Director, Visibility and PR Expert, Legal Advisor and Breath Coach.

What does a CFO offer?

As you scale your business, you will realize that the more money you make doesn’t always mean the more you have. There are many financial mistake’s entrepreneurs make and a CFO will teach you to avoid those as well as create a profitable business. 

What does a CoO offer?

Simple answer is time. A COO will give you tactical advice and tips to build systems and automation into your business so that you get to enjoy the freedoms of entrepreneurship. This will also create world class customer experiences with anything you offer. 

What is a Creative Director?

You must create a brand in 2023 and beyond. Not a DIY brand but one that is recognized and reputable so that you stand apart in the noise of the online world. A creative director will give you advice and knowledge on how to create the visual expression that hosts your brand pillars and promise. 

Why do I need a Visibility and PR Expert?

If you want to be seen, heard and felt so that you grow, solely relying on social media to do that is not going to cut it. There are strategies to grow your community that will build your authority, separate you as a leader and expose you to your ideal customers and clients. 

Why did you include a legal advisor?

After 18 years as an entrepreneur, some of my most challenging times were held by having my business protected. We are in the wild west of the online space. Protecting your business, your work, your teams, yourself and your clients is the responsibility of any entrepreneur who wants to scale and grow. 

I don’t know what a breath coach is?

I have my personal breath coach on the board because she is a massive part of who I am becoming and my journey to self actualization. Leadership roots in your ability to heal yourself from the past while softening yourself to the future. Breath work is soul work. She will guide us through practices that imprint what we do want at a cellular level. Think massive manifestation because you got out of your own way. 

How do I use the agency retainer?

This retainer gives you an immediate ROI. You will have a $3000usd retainer to use towards services throughout this term. When you identify a service you would like to use, you pull from the retainer. It’s like receiving $3000 back when you say yes to the mastermind. 

Who else is joining this mastermind?

I am known for attracting an emotional archetype in my business and the rooms that I open. This means everyone will have big, generous hearts and all will want the best for one another. The businesses will all be unique and that’s on purpose because a mastermind is rich with various perspectives and experiences. All will share that they have had success but don’t want to sustain the solopreneur mentality or grind that they didn’t expect. Everyone will want to grow profitable businesses, step into a CEO posture and liberate themselves and their businesses from what is no longer working. 

What is the value of the mastermind?

The value you will receive for this offer is $97,000!! That’s what it would cost you to do this on your own by hiring Jen, all of the experts on the board and the agency retainer for DFY services. You are saving $64,000 by walking into this room. That’s priceless and something you can celebrate. 
You will also get a full 360 transformation for your life and business because everything will be evaluated and expanded from every angle. It’s a no brainer for someone who truly desires growth and fulfillment.