step into owning your choices and thus your consequences for a life soaked in curiosity and pleasure. 

Recognize that every choice you make in your life and business attracts your desires or repels them. The personal responsibility in this realization is radical but also highly empowering. 

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Led by industry leader and sought after mentor Jen Szpigiel, you reap the benefits of her eighteen years of iconic experience growing babies and businesses. Jen has scaled multiple personal companies to multi seven figures as a mom of four. Her unparalleled wisdom and expertise sets her mentorship, the Becoming Iconic agency, podcast and magazine apart. Jen has been named a top life and business coach for several years in a row because of the incredible results she provides to each and every client, matched with her depth, strategy and integrity. Jen has successfully supported countless entrepreneurs globally to build profitable and reputable businesses while ensuring that they are fulfilled within themselves, their lives and relationships. 

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Karma is an interesting belief for many.
Most only believe in Karma if it’s positive these days.
It goes along with the manifestation teachings that are being shared.
Half truths.

To believe in karma means that you believe in the karma that feels good to celebrate as well as the karma that holds the piercing truth that can hurt.

It’s time to take a stand for your life’s journey and the parts you love to share out loud as well as the parts that you neatly tuck away hoping no one sees.

I’m calling on the leaders who are willing to make a mark on this world despite their current circumstance.
Do not celebrate yesterday's win for too long.
Do not hold on to yesterday's ouchie for too long.

It’s a big call if you’re ready.

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