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My Story

As the Founder and CEO of Becoming Iconic®️, I use my expertise as a Global Business and Lifestyle Mentor, to help entrepreneurs grow profitable and aligned businesses and lives. I am known as a mentor who supports you in ultimate fulfillment.

I truly believe and have supported thousands of entrepreneurs to have the freedom to spend our days WHERE we want, doing WHAT we want and with WHO we want. I’m here to teach you exactly HOW to create your own freedom and to become iconic.

And I want to help you do the exact same thing.


Wishing you had a clear strategy in place that’s guaranteed to work for you because you’re tired of spending time and money on products that don’t give you results.

Pitching your service or offering to prospects and hearing nothing but crickets.

You've been running your business for a while now but month after month, you're barely scraping by and just bringing in enough money to keep the lights on.

Let me be the first to tell you that having big dreams does not have to be unrealistic. You bring your massive goals and ambitions and I'll meet you with the high level mentorship and quantum leaps.

Feeling like you have to say yes to anything and everything, resulting in lower prices and unaligned clientele.

You feel confident to repeat my framework and tactics with ease.

You feel supported and aligned with the way you show up and sell (without the icky-salesy feeling).

You will be able to drown out the noise, stop caring about the algorithm and just show up as your authentic self.

Your business will finally be thriving instead of just treading water.

I will be guiding you to a place where fears are conquered, success is achieved and...

Private Mentorship

I lead with generosity and give my wisdom and proven methods abundantly to anyone who is craving more or making a pivot.

The process involves unlearning just as much as confidence boosting. It’s understanding your core values and the pillars in your life so that you can fully own who you are, create momentum in your business, and ultimately, get the results you desire to see.

It’s a perfect combination of loving compassion and getting straight to the point, no fluff.

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The Becoming Iconic Promise

What Makes Me Different

There is no one like Jen in high performance coaching. She has been raising babies and businesses for eighteen years which gives her an unmatched understanding and experience.
As a Mom of four, a wife and an entrepreneur with multiple income streams, Jen will authentically support you to build a fulfilling life by harmonizing your life and business.
After over a decade of coaching, Jen has successfully mentored thousands globally to grow and sustain a lifestyle and business of pleasure and prosperity.
Jen meets proven strategy and energetics to gift you with the most effective guidance to massive success. You will feel seen, heard and felt. Everything Jen does is from a pure, integral place. The experience always exceeds expectations. 

i get you. i'VE been there. i can help.

I have grown with the help from you but it was just opening my eyes enough to see myself as a powerful coach. I have also grown taking that leap and believing in myself. I have become the woman and coach that I always knew was in there. It's like I bloomed and I love my life!!

— Amy, Human Design Coach

Biggest transformation is in my confidence and in recognizing how capable I am in my ability to create the life I want to live. Biggest win this year was standing firm in my desire to create harmony in my life which lead to getting the desired reduction in hours at work in order to build my brand and private practice. And growing to 5 figure months certainly didn't hurt!

— Karlie, baby feeding specalist

I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful our session was today. Months and years of convoluted vision for what I'm here to bring distilled into a beautiful and compelling and resonant concept that right. I'm so in love with this expression of my vision!

— Michelle, legacy mentor


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